Mark Burley - Photography

I am a graphic designer and art director who has worked in design and advertising for years. My passion is taking and making photographic images in black and white.

I am inspired and fascinated by the minutia of life, people and places.

I am fortunate to live and work in and around Dartmoor, it's legends, landscape, music and folklore are all in my heart and more.


Musicians, the landscape, people, and the subject of home seem to be my prevalent themes.


Long exposure images, gigs, concerts and festivals, and a passion for walking in cities at night.


I print in a darkroom on fibre-based and resin coated paper. I also print digitally using Epson's pigment based chrome system. Using acid free paper and boards.

All of my images are for sale. Contact me through my facebook page if you're interested in buying either cards or prints.

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