Artist's statement - Dreams of an abandoned farmhouse

I was lucky enough to stay in a wonderful farmhouse/villa in Andraxt in Mallorca in 2013. It was at the back of the village around two thirds of the way up the mountains. On our fourth day of the stay I walked up into the mountains to see what was there. What I saw took my breath away - an entire valley that was completely empty apart from an abandoned farmhouse in the distance tucked into the lee of the hill, with wonderful terraces and olive groves as far as the eye could see. There were rocky peaks of mountains all around and complete silence.

The farmhouse was derelict, the roof had collapsed and the place had clearly not been lived in for some time. But the terraces had been maintained and the harvest collected so I guess it was still owned and occasionally cared for. Whilst I was there (for the second time) I shared the experience with a good friend (Mike Ryans) for around three hours or so. I got the impression he was blown away by the place as much as I was. I would dearly love to go back there one day.

The images shown here are a small selection of what I took and only show a tiny part of that lovely valley. I feel that my colour images don't show what I was feeling so I've tried to put together a panel or group of images (in black and white) that reflect that serenity. They are not powerful, they will never truly sum up what I felt but in a small way they do show what I loved about the place.

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